Currency Support

Accept card payments in your customer’s preferred currency

Pin Payments allows you to accept payments from customers in multiple currencies. You can choose a currency when charging a card in the dashboard, or send the currency parameter when creating charges with the API.

  1. AUD
  2. USD
  3. NZD
  4. SGD
  5. EUR
  6. GBP
  7. CAD
  8. HKD
  9. JPY
  10. MYR
  11. THB
  12. PHP
  13. ZAR
  14. IDR
Currency amount field

The following currencies are included as standard, with more on the way. No additional setup costs or bank accounts are required.

Charge customers in these currencies

Settle funds in these currencies

Pin Payments settles to your bank account in AUD by default. Contact us to arrange settlement in an alternative supported currency.

We’ve compiled a useful resource for businesses interested in billing customers in foreign currencies. Read on to learn about how easy Pin Payments have made it to get started.

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