Announcing Mobile Point of Sale Payments

Starting today, your Pin Payments account can be used for easy face–to–face transactions. Pin Payments POS (point of sale) is a web–based system for accepting card payments in retail and trade situations. It’s designed to be a simple and portable alternative to traditional hardware card terminals.

We often meet small businesses who miss a sale when their customer isn’t carrying cash. These businesses aren’t always ready or willing to apply for a traditional card hardware from their bank. Now there’s an easier solution: just use your existing equipment. With Pin Payments POS you can accept cards on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Keep an iPad on your shop counter, or if you travel to your customers, use a phone to take payments on–site.

Pin Payments POS is the easiest way to get started with point of sale payments. As your business grows, we can help you upgrade to advanced POS and mobile systems like PushPay.

Check out Pin Payments POS, and see the documentation for more detail. Happy selling!