Request a Payment

Payment page

Pin Payments includes a ready–made secure payment page that makes it easy for customers to pay you.

The payment page section of your dashboard contains the test and live links for your payment page. Your account will need to be activated to access your live payment page.

Request a Payment by Email

  1. Head to your payment page dashboard
  2. Copy your payment link
  3. Email the link to your customer

By default your payment page allows your customer to specify the amount they pay. In many situations, you'll want to customise your payment page with a specific amount and description for customers.

Set an Amount and Description

The payment page link can be customised with additional parameters, including amount, description, and currency. This gives you a simple way to make payment page links to sell specific items.

To set up a custom payment page with amount and description, take the payment page link found on your payment page dashboard, add a question mark (“?”) to the end of the link, and any combination of the following parameters, separating each parameter with an ampersand (&), as in the example below:
Pay button

Add a Payment Button to Your Website

The easiest way to take secure payments on your website is to add a payment button. The payment button guide covers customising the amount and description, then copying the resulting code into your website to add a button. Your customers can then click these buttons and enter their details to pay you.