Convenient, custom payment facilities for an enterprising outfit.

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Wilson + Frenchy create hand illustrated designer fashion for the baby wear market.


Their range upholds the spirit of indie, featuring work by local Australian artists, and using only manufacturers with a fair trade certification. As an artisanal fashion venture, their success relies on remaining competitive in their market whilst continuing to offer unique, high-quality products and impeccable customer service.

Using the Pin Payments platform, Wilson + Frenchy integrate convenient and custom payment facilities with their Shopify store. Since 2013, we’ve supported them through the many challenges of running an e-commerce business as their brand grows and evolves. Our responsive personal service is just a natural fit for the way they do business.

With their digital infrastructure taken care of, Wilson + Frenchy can focus on serving their customers with beautifully crafted products.

Convenient, custom payment facilities for an enterprising outfit

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