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Pin Payments Solutions

  1. Accept payments online
  2. Ecommerce integration
  3. Auth/Capture
    Authorise a card and capture the funds later.

Sneaking Duck offer uniquely designed, high-end glasses that are shipped directly from the manufacturer to their customers, keeping costs down for Sneaking Duck and prices competitive for their customers.


To ensure their customers have the confidence and comfort they need to choose their designs online, Sneaking Duck give them the opportunity to try at home, completely free of charge!

By using Pin Payments, Sneaking Duck can secure the goods they’re sending out by placing a hold on the amount, without having to take full payment from the customer until they’ve made their final selection.

Pin has been amazing for Sneaking Duck. The easy-to-integrate secure payment page and button is a dream for our developers and the backend dashboard and tools make keeping on track of our payments easier than ever. Tom Carlton, Sneaking Duck

The result? Sneaking Duck’s customers have the confidence to select a range of glasses online to try at home, so Sneaking Duck can spend more time creating unique designs to add to their collection.


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